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Athletic Information for HMS

Dear Highland Families, 
We are excited to announce that the Mead School District will be bringing back middle school athletics in March! While we will continue to follow Spokane Regional Health guidance and continually make adjustments as needed, we wanted to get this preliminary information out to you so that you may begin planning. With that in mind, please know that things may continually change as our response to this pandemic changes. Thank you for your patience. 
Season #1                                                  Season #2                                        Season #3
MARCH 1 - APRIL 1                                   APRIL 12 - MAY 14                           MAY 17 - JUNE 18
~6th/7th/8th Cross Country                          ~7th/8th Softball                                ~6th/7th/8th Track
~7th Girls Volleyball                                     ~7th/8th Football                                ~7th/8th Baseball
                                                                     ~8th Girls Volleyball                           ~6th Girls Volleyball

Please utilize the two links above for all things registration.


UPDATE (2/19/2021): If your student is attending practice on a non-cohort day they will need to complete the attestation to the right prior to being admitted to practice. If an attestation is not presented, a coach or athletic director will take take their temperature and complete the survey. Students showing a fever or any COVID related symptoms will be asked to go home. Please do not send your student to practice if they are not feeling well. 


If your daughter or son has had a positive diagnosis for COVID-19 at ANY TIME during the school year, you will need to provide a signed doctor's release confirming that they are safe to return to athletic activities. 


Activity Bus Access Must Be Reserved

Activity buses will be available for athletes that need a ride after practices. Pick-up time at Highland will be 5:00 pm. All athletes will have an assigned seat and must wear a mask. Failure to comply or other misconduct will result in loss of activity bus privileges. If you would like to register for the activity bus please complete the following survey. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfGA56gW-ZnUxu8Hg4r9dH5Ff-m0zLRrlRemlfHB5pJfizFWQ/viewform?gxids=7628


Please know that more information regarding specific sports' guidelines, practice/game schedules, and activity buses will be communicated before the season begins. 


Reach out to our athletic director, Mr. Ward if you have any questions.



Highland Athletic Director
Keith Ward

District Athletic Philosophy
The philosophy of the Mead School District is founded and based upon the principles identified in the district’s foundational student learning goals. Included in this mission is the belief that human wellness and aesthetic experiences are integral parts of the educational experience. To serve that mission, the primary function of the interscholastic and intramural programs is to provide participatory opportunities for as many students as possible. These programs seek to enhance the psychological, emotional, social, and physical development of each student.
The Mead School District believes that participation in athletic programs can enhance the development of the values of cooperation, honesty, sportsmanship, responsibility, respect, perseverance, and commitment. Students will be encouraged to develop their athletic skills and compete to the best of their abilities. The Mead School District is obligated to provide a supportive environment in which students can pursue athletic experiences that maximize their potential. While individual achievements are valued and encouraged, team achievements are of primary importance. Athletics, in addition, can make significant contributions to the educational experience of all Mead students, faculty, staff, and district patrons through the cultivation and enhancement of community.