Highland Middle School
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Highland Staff Directory

Office Phone: 509-867-2000 | Fax: 509-867-2020 | Attendance Line: 509-867-2080 (24hrs)

Principal: Barb Pybus barb.pybus@mead354.org 509-867-2010
Assistant Principal: Andrew Blumel andrew.blumel@mead354.org 509-867-2011
Assistant Principal: Justin Valentine justin.valentine@mead354.org 509-867-2012
Principal Administrative Assistant: Hannah Schneider hannah.schneider@mead354.org 509-867-2001
Building Administrative Assistant: Donna Hutchinson donna.hutchinson@mead354.org 509-867-2002
Business Office: Gail Ortega gail.ortega@mead354.org 509-867-2007

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Phone- 509-867-

CarmelAdams6th Grade Science Teachercarmel.adams@mead354.org2041
Merideth Adams Social Studies & Yearbook Teacher merideth.adams@mead354.org 2052
Brett Balogh Health and Fitness Teacher brett.balogh@mead354.org 2000
Karina Berven 8th Grade English Language Teacher karina.berven@mead354.org 2035
Dorothy Blankenship-Baldwin Orchestra Teacher dorothy.baldwin@mead354.org 2000
Andrew Blumel Assistant Principal andrew.blumel@mead354.org 2011
Bryce Borland 7th Grade CTE & Science Teacher bryce.borland@mead354.org 2064
Jamie Bowman Resource Room Teacher jamie.bowman@mead354.org 2088
Joan Brown 8th Grade English Language Teacher
joan.brown@mead354.org 2035
Shelley Bussard 6th Grade English Language Teacher shelley.bussard@mead354.org 2086
Tiffany Byrd 7th Grade Math & 8th Grade Leadership Teacher tiffany.byrd@mead354.org 2051
Brandon Campbell Band Teacher brandon.campbell@mead354.org 2045
Holly Chase Choir Teacher holly.chase@mead354.org 2046
Behka Corker 6th Grade Health & Fitness behka.corker@mead354.org 2077
Stephanie Covell Electives/Art Teacher stephanie.covell@mead354.org 2047
Chris Crosby MS Custodian chris.crosby@mead354.org 2067
Tracy Curtis DLC Paraeducator tracy.curtis@mead354.org 2000
Angela Critelli Cook II angela.critelli@mead354.org 2015
Jennifer Dibble Resource Math Teacher jenny.dibble@mead354.org 2022
Dee Draven 8th Grade English Language Teacher dee.draven@mead354.org 2062
Tracy Emch School Certificated Nurse tracy.emch@mead354.org 370-8720
Colleen Ferguson Cook III colleen.ferguson@mead354.org 2015
Jill Fetcho 8th Grade Science Teacher jill.fetcho@mead354.org 2033
Stu Flesland Paraeducator stu.flesland@mead354.org 2000
Marcy Gallinger Electives & 7th Grade Leadership Teacher marcy.gallinger@mead354.org 2092
Maud Hancock ELD Teacher maud.hancock@mead354.org 2031
Angeliki Hibbard 7th Grade Math Teacher angeliki.hibbard@mead354.org 2089
Breahna Hinton Paraeducator breahna.hinton@mead354.org 2000
Donna Hutchinson Building Administrative Assistant donna.hutchinson@mead354.org 2002
Sara Hurd School Classified Nurse sara.hurd@mead354.org 2034
Ryan Iverson 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher ryan.iverson@mead354.org 2030
Todd Johnson Counselor A-K
todd.johnson@mead354.org 2025
Jaclyn Jordan Spanish Teacher
jaclyn.jordan@mead354.org 2031
Kathryn Jordan ELL Paraeducator kathryn.jordan@mead354.org 2000
Courtney Kelley 7th Grade Science Teacher courtney.kelley@mead354.org 2049
Andy Knaggs 7th Grade SS/Math/Science Teacher
andy.knaggs@mead354.org 2000
Katie Leale 8th Grade Technology/Leadership Teacher
katie.leale@mead354.org 2000
Niya Lutjemeir DLC Paraeducator niya.lutjemeir@mead354.org 2000
Joilyn Madsen 6th Grade ELA & Exploratory Teacher joilyn.madsen@mead354.org 2038
Meg Maglio 8th Grade Science Teacher
meg.maglio@mead354.org 2063
Jessica Maxwell DLC Teacher
jessica.maxwell@mead354.org 2054
Krystal Metzger 6th Grade Math & Science Teacher krystal.metzger@mead354.org 2085
Bonnie Murphey 8th Grade Math Teacher
bonnie.murphey@mead354.org 2028
Bryan Murphey 8th Grade Math Teacher
bryan.murphey@mead354.org 2061
Paula Nelsen 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher
paula.hulme@mead354.org 2039
Anna Nikulenko Cook III anna.nikulenko@mead354.org 2015
Kaitlin Nobbs 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher kaitlin.nobbs@mead354.org 2099
Megan O'Neil Counseling Administrative Assistant megan.oneil@mead354.org 2027
Gail Ortega Bookkeeper gail.ortega@mead354.org 2007
Donna Ostrom SS Custodian donna.ostrum@mead354.org 2067
Drew Piper 7th Grade English Language Teacher
drew.piper@mead354.org 2068
Barb Pybus Principal barb.pybus@mead354.org 2010
Mark Rasmussen 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher mark.rasmussen@mead354.org 2060
Steve Rupe 7th/8th Grade Health & Fitness Teacher steve.rupe@mead354.org 2072
Hadassah Schneider Paraeducator hadassah.schneider@mead354.org 2000
Hannah Schneider Principal Administrative Assistant/Website hannah.schneider@mead354.org 2001
Mark Shulkin SPED-Resource Room Teacher mark.shulkin@mead354.org 2023
Bryan Smith 6th/7th Grade Science Teacher bryan.smith@mead354.org 2094
Susan Smith 7th Grade English Language Teacher susan.smith@mead354.org 2050
Matt Sugalski SS Custodian matt.sugalski@mead354.org 2067
Kristin Swan Counselor for L-Z kristin.swan@mead354.org 2026
Deborah Swanson Paraeducator deborah.swanson@mead354.org 2000
LaNada Tag 6th Grade Science Teacher
lanada.tag@mead354.org 2055
Melissa Tebbets 6th/7th Grade Health & Fitness Teacher melissa.tebbets@mead354.org 2078
Jermaine Tuggle Manager II jermaine.tuggle@mead354.org 2015
Justin Valentine Assistant Principal justin.valentine@mead354.org 2012
Monica Wallace 6th Grade Math Teacher monica.wallace@mead354.org 2040
Keith Ward 6th/7th Grade Health & Fitness/Athletic Director keith.ward@mead354.org 2008
Jolisa Wenkheimer 8th Grade Health & Fitness Teacher jolisa.wenkheimer@mead354.org 2076
Roger Widmer 6th/7th Grade Social Studies Teacher roger.widmer@mead354.org 2082